Client: USAID

 Nepal is recovering from a ten year civil war and is in a historic political and social transition to a democratic federal system. USAID recognized that an economic growth program addressing the key causes of the conflict - poverty and governance - would help move the country forward. When the USAID Nepal Economic Agriculture and Trade (NEAT) Activity started a little more than two years ago deficiencies in the policy and legal framework for promotion and regulation of business had plagued the country's economic health for years. The project took a holistic approach, strengthening economic policies by facilitating public-private dialogues, and supporting the Government in creating business-friendly policies and procedures that stimulate trade and investment in Nepal. The project, given its limited time frame, selected a range of policy reform activities, some of which have already produced tangible results, while others have put in place the building blocks for long term broad-based economic growth. NEAT focused on three key areas: improving government revenue generation, promoting agriculture growth and trade and investment, and building the capacity of the public and private sector.