Nepal’s Longest Tunnel Brings Improved Water Supply a Step Closer for Kathmandu Residents

Client: Asian Development Bank 

Kathmandu, Nepal — Excavation of the longest tunnel in Nepal was completed on 12 April. When fully operational, the 26-kilometer (km) tunnel will carry water from the Melamchi River to alleviate water stress experienced by inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. ADB has worked with the Government of Nepal since 2000 to build the tunnel and 29 km of access roads, providing $145 million in loans for the $355.4 million project.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kim said, “The completion of the excavation marks a very important milestone in the project's history and is indeed a giant leap forward for the project, one that will soon help alleviate the water stress experienced by the inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley.”